Day 374: Starbucks is the only place with decent wi-fi in Cusco

t’s a fact, Jack. I used to loath Starbucks, and then I went around the world and I have had to listen to Andrew complain about tiny cups of coffee that he would down in one sip… or how he asked for “black coffee” and was served coffee with copious amounts of milk and sugar instead… or how he can never find coffee with ice in it anywhere. Usually, Starbucks has a decent wi-fi connection, regardless of what country we’re in… So, off we went in hopes of Andrew having a coffee he was happy with and both of us having an internet connection strong enough so we could finally decide on a Spanish school, upload photos and videos, and possibly book some tickets home. Sometimes I feel bad for posting such a boring “day in a minute” and then I remind myself that the purpose of this blog is not to fool you into thinking that travel is awesome all the time. Because, as I’ve said before… it’s not always awesome, it’s not always super exciting, and sometimes it can be pretty boring -for you. For us, an afternoon of good coffee and an internet connection that doesn’t tempt me to throw my computer out the window is super exciting.