Day 373: Movie Day! I mean, Check out this parade!

Full disclosure: my mission for this day was to not leave our hotel room. And then late in the afternoon, I failed said mission… But only to go grab a pizza for dinner. Instead of forcing you to endure a boring post, including a video of us watching… videos… I’m cheating a bit and posting some video and super fun pictures from a parade that we stumbled upon a few nights ago. Because, really, it’s way more interesting. And if you’re a fan of drum-lines (like I TOTALLY AM) you might appreciate this parade because it seemed to be made up of drum-lines and dancers and it was awesome. We have no idea what it was for, but it was fun, and I can only hope we stumble upon another parade like this one before we leave!

Now, as for Day 373 and what we actually did, well, it was a whole lot of:

followed by:


and, finally:

and it was awesome.

(where we slept) 

(where we slept)