Day 338: a wine tasting at Pierre Andre

While Andrew is more of a beer kinda guy, I think I like beer and wine equally. After Julie and Antoine so generously shared a fair amount of their wine with us during our visit, it was icing on the cake when they announced we were going to visit Pierre Andre, a local winery and have a tasting. It was a much more intimate experience than our wine tasting in South Africa and we were so grateful to the young man (I have to say young man because he was so much younger than us and sooo much more knowledgeable about wine!) who poured our wine for us and explained what we were tasting. A tip of the hat towards this winery, because while the ones I’ve experienced (South Africa somewhat included) tended to be on the snooty side, Pierre Andre was anything BUT snooty. They were kind and welcoming and really downright lovely. Next time we visit Burgundy (and we’re not jumping several countries before going ‘home’) we’ll be back and chances are, we’re going to leave with a couple of cases of wine!

It was our last day in Burgundy, so it made perfect sense to be at the winery before lunch! We wandered through the cellars before making our way back upstairs for a really great tasting. We had more than the usual (I think around 4-5 different wines has been my experience elsewhere) and we were able to get more if we wanted!

I kept trying to photograph the dimly lit cavern with my lens and it wasn’t having it. You can see Julie catching me putting my camera on the table (above) but the light was simply not in my favor. Julie also got these pictures of me and Andrew – which is quite nice to have a few photos of us that we haven’t taken ‘selca (selfie) style’ of ourselves on one of our i-devices!

I was really quite sad to leave, although I’ve been getting better at not letting it show as much. Sometimes Andrew has to deal with me tearing up on a bus or plane after saying goodbye, but I think it was a little bit easier than most times because New York to France seems much more feasible than South Korea to France (or vice versa). So instead of going on and on about how much I hate goodbyes, I’ll instead indulge us all with a ridiculous amount of pictures of thefour six (dogs included) of us!