Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Preface: This blog took a major backseat as Andrew and I shuffled around from one friend's pull-out sofa in DUMBO - to a two-month studio sublet in Midtown - to another friend's futon in Crown Heights as we looked for an apartment of our own all while grieving the loss of our friend Leanne and then making a last minute trip down to Kentucky to try as best as I could to be supportive for my oldest and one of my dearest friends who was going through a difficult loss of her own. I'm pretty sure that run-on sentence doesn't even begin to convey how challenging our first few months in New York City has been.

When we were in Mozambique stuck on 13+ hour long bus rides with Andrew's swollen (infected from the Tanzanian bus crash a few short days prior) leg, we'd ask each other if we'd rather be teaching our worst class periods back in Korea. We would laugh, and inevitably agree the 13+ hour long bus ride was better. It helped put things into perspective. As we tried to navigate these past few months, I think we'd both agree that even teaching our worst class periods would have been more enjoyable. It's been a rough, rough few months. But we're finally settled into our own (glorious walk-in kitchen and  three closets included) one bedroom apartment. And while I'm still searching and interviewing for jobs, it's much easier to focus on this project now. So here we go. Apologies for the delay. Hopefully life won't get in the way of exploring New York City any longer, Spring is so much prettier to photograph anyway!

With the new beginning of this blog, I thought it fitting to explore one of around our new home in Brooklyn. We're in love with the location, and after exploring some of Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Museum, and The Brooklyn Botanic Garden you can probably see why! If you head out of the subway stop exit and double back on the south side of Eastern Parkway, you'll find yourself at one of the entrances to The Botanic Garden. If you want some greenery, but not the crowd, head up the slight incline into a small (but quiet) section of Prospect Park. This little section is cut off from the rest of the park by Flatbush Avenue and seems to be a bit of a respite in between the Brooklyn Library and the Botanic Garden. On the few occasions that I've walked through, it seems to be a popular spot for moms (or nannies) and small children, who could probably entertain themselves for hours on the sweet playground set up.

Or head through The Brooklyn Botanic Garden for a stroll. I have to say- it's the absolute perfect getaway from the urban grind of New York City. After this slog of a winter, walking under the cherry blossoms in bloom feels downright magical. And even though the park was crowded (there are always long long lines down Washington Avenue over the weekends) there was still plenty of room and space within the garden so you didn't feel the same effects as you do, say, stuffed inside a subway car.