Vinegar Hill

I never really thought that I would think "Oh this reminds me of home" standing the middle of New York City... and then I stepped foot in Vinegar HIll. It was a little on the deserted side when I visited several months ago. It was so quiet, I could have very well been in the middle of my hometown several hundred miles south of The Big Apple. Instead, I was a couple blocks away from DUMBO and staring straight across the East River into Manhattan (when the view allowed). A photo of the Golden Girls on my way back to a subway station only made the visit that much sweeter. 

Neighborhoods of New York, much like the latest evolution of this blog will most likely be an experiment - until a project (or two) finds its voice. For the past year I've wanted to continue blogging, but wasn't quite sure of how I wanted to go about it. So I kept waiting, until I could figure it out... Until now, I'm tired of waiting, and have decided there's nothing wrong with experimenting until something- or all the things- feel just right.