Day 336: A day in Dijon

I remember Dijon the most from my first trip to visit Julie. It was fun to be back and see how it’s changed- it mostly felt bigger than it did last time, which I suppose is true about nearly everywhere these days. We walked around, we took pictures, we ate croque madames et monsieurs, we introduced Julie and Antoine to the ‘selca’ shot (this is Korean speak for ‘selfie’ back home, it can be seen in my Instagram feed) and then when we were too hot and tired, we headed back to the garden for more glorious French food and wine. You have no idea how spoiled Andrew and I felt throughout our visit and stay with Antoine and Julie!

I managed to get everyone else in the “day in a minute” video making a wish and touching the owl for good luck. Julie managed to get a picture of me! Actually, thanks to her, there are more pictures of me up than usual! Since Andrew’s camera battery charger died, I’ve mostly been behind the lens rather than in front of it. Since Andrew’s camera went missing in Prague, unless I specifically hand it over, sometimes this blog reads more like ‘This Wisconsin Boy’ rather than ‘This Kentucky Girl.’ He pretends he doesn’t like it, but we all know that is far from the truth. It’s fun to share some pictures of me for a change! Merci beaucoup encore Julie!

I caught Antoine sitting in between these two pillars waiting for us to catch up. So. adorable. Then things got even better when he pretended to be a gargoyle. The one of him laughing is probably a bit better (and more flattering) than the one of him actually pretending he’s a gargoyle. Somehow mouth open, bent over doesn’t scream ‘I’m a gargoyle’ as much as it screams ‘I’m getting sick!’ (ha!) The streets were a bit empty, being August in France- most people are on vacation. It made for a very leisurely (and enjoyable) stroll. I even found some street art along the way that I quite enjoyed. The heart is probably my favorite.

Julie and I spotted an old sign in what was basically a driveway leading to a back courtyard. Julie and I both share a love of older prints and lettering. So, of course we had to take a few pictures. I experimented with a close up shot of the sign, but I’m not sure if it does the typography justice.

She led us past an old church that had been converted into a theater, into another church, and while I was in the midst of photographing the interior, my second lens of the trip decided to stop working. This is one aspect of the trip that I had not properly prepared for: the general wear and tear that would happen to our computers, cameras, and related electronic gear. I’ve had a lot of issues with my external hard drive (where all of my photos and videos from the trip- for the blog- and my portfolio reside) and a few lens issues. Were I to do this trip again, again, I’d travel with a camera bag instead of a ‘backpacker’s daypack’ and I’d have more of a backup plan in mind. Extra money set aside for broken lenses. An extra camera perhaps. Definitely an additional external hard drive. (I worry more its whereabouts than I do of my passport!)

I really wanted to travel with a high quality point and shoot in addition to my DSLR- but Andrew talked me out of it… He nsisted my iphone/DSLR combo was enough. For those not obsessed with taking pictures, this would have been sound advice. Unfortunately- I am obsessed. (Perhaps you’ve noticed?) Usually I travel (on shorter trips) with at least three cameras: a digital, an analog, an i-phone, and sometimes even a polaroid. From now on, I will always travel with a small (yet hopefully advanced) point and shoot.

Perhaps sand got into my daypack and then into my other lens. Perhaps I would have gotten even more footage and pictures having a point and shoot. Perhaps having a point and shoot more accessible would let me keep my DSLR tucked away when kayaking, trekking, etc. etc. My point is- if you’re a photographer, and you’re going on a trip around the world. Invest in a point and shoot in addition to your normal gear. You won’t regret it. Especially when your second wide angle lens of the trip bottoms out and you have to make a choice of what to get fixed and/or what to buy as a replacement!

We thought it would be appropriate if we take a group picture in front of the plaque solidifying American-French friendship. When we asked someone nearby to take the picture, they were a little confused as to why we would want our picture taken with the plaque- that is, until we told him of our own American-French friendship.

And then… guess where we had dinner? In the garden, of course!

Every night, Swing and Roule would want to come into our room. They weren’t allowed, but this did not stop them from trying. I managed to catch this picture of Roule in the morning just checking things out, seeing what we were up to…