Day 333: The Astronomical Clock Chime

One of my favorite pictures is one that I took when I lived in Prague from the Astronomical Clock tower. It was raining and I got lucky with a beautiful shot full of umbrellas. Sometimes I like to revisit a picture and take it again. It wasn’t raining today, but I still enjoyed the people below… perhaps a little too much because I kept taking pictures of the crowd growing and growing and…

The chime of the astronomical clock isn’t terribly exciting, nor does it last very long, so it always gives me a little chuckle to see how large the crowd gets to see something that lasts all of fifteen seconds on the hour, every hour. I could watch the crowd from below or above for hours though. So many tourists from so many different places makes for great people watching!

We started the day at the farmer’s market right around the corner from Petr’s house. It was perfect. A coffee. A crepe. A Slovakian potato salad. all under a tree in a park with Petr and Andrew of course. If you look closely (above), you can see both Andrew and Petr in their red shirts in the middle of the crowd below! 

OK, so I was a little obsessed with how pretty the crowd looked below. (You should see how many raw images I have!) I finally tore myself away after the clock chimed to walk around the astronomical clock tower for some different views, both of the square below and the town surrounding. And then I realized Andrew and Petr were waiting below and we had a bus to catch to Dijon! I scooted back down the tower, glad I got the chance to go up the astronomical clock tower once more. Aside from the view from Letna, I think the view of Prague from the top of the astronomical clock tower is the best in the city. Maybe it has a special place in my heart though because I visited it with a close friend from college who came all the way to Prague to visit me!