Day 332: What’s a chlebicky?

Today’s to-do: See Fred and Ginger (also known as The Dancing House) and pick up Andrew’s passport. You’ve probably been thinking ‘Woah, they’ve been in Prague forever!’ -at least one friend was, confused by our length of stay… But it’s been prolonged mostly because Andrew needed to get extra pages added to his passport. Instead of just getting more pages for one year left until expiration, he went ahead and got a whole new passport- which took a week. Having mostly exhausted the sights (or having been mostly exhausted by the sights) we had a low key day and walked around town with Petr, stopping in a few new places and trying chlebicky for the first time(!) instead of pushing ourselves to do more.

No matter how long you live in a city or a country, there is always something new to be discovered. For me, today, it was not only Lokal restaurant (again, this time in a different location) but trying a Czech chlebicky. I didn’t even notice these little open faced sandwiches in some of the cafes and bistro windows until Andrew asked Petr what they were. Basically, they are an open-faced deli sandwich. And they are delicious. Petr took us to a rather famous place just in between Narodni Divadlo and Narodni Trida to try some.

It’s like the Czech version of tapas… kinda. Petr said they are popular at parties, and I can see why! But perhaps only if there’s quite a variety, because that’s where I think the fun is- getting to try as many different ones as possible. We saved room for take out Vietnamese in his neighborhood instead of going crazy with the chlebicky. Another new thing to me: Vietnamese food in Prague is abundant and awesome.