Day 411: Zip-lining with Mindo Canopy Adventures

When I turned 20, I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. While I was able to cross off roughly half of the list, I underestimated how long it would take to complete the entire list and it morphed into another list: 50 things to do before 50. The list is written inside a beautiful leather bound book with pictures of each activity (riding a motorcycle, sky-diving, surfing, etc. etc.) I was able to cross of the list. The book is in a box, in my parents’ house in Kentucky (much like the rest of my life at the moment). I’m almost positive “zip-lining” is on the list. We’ve been really great about mixing up our activities- paragliding in one country, whale watching in another, riding camels in a desert in India, sand-boarding in a desert in Peru… It’s been great fun to mix it up, and obviously, helps me knock off a few things on my “to do” list. Today zip-lining with Mindo Canopy Adventure turned out to be a blast! Our guides were sweet, the zip-lines were fun (some a LOT faster than others) and I was so glad we did it! Minor note to future self: “the butterfly” is upside down, “the superman” is what you really want to do (equally fun, minus the head rush)!