Day 408: Ecuador is going to the World Cup!

Ecuador is ecstatic, to say the least! After all, it’s now official: Ecuador is going the World Cup! The town center was quick to celebrate and we even caught glimpses of the team emerging from the president’s palace on the square. It was more fun to see everyone react to the soccer team than to see the soccer team itself. I desperately wanted to photograph (videograph) it all, but I was hesitant pulling out my DSLR in the middle of all of the commotion. Instead, Andrew filmed the performance (above) that was going on in the square. Whenever I don’t feel safe holding onto my camera, Andrew carries it in his backpack (on his front). We’ve become almost tactical in how we carry valuables. On this particular day, because we were relying on the public bus (something that made my Spanish teacher proud) I had money in my bra, my ipod in my underpants, and my camera with Andrew. We hardly ever both carry ATM and/or credit cards at the same time, and Andrew even has a decoy wallet. Generally I carry a little purse that often has nothing of value in it. We miss Korea often, where you can leave your laptop computer on your table in a cafe while you go to the bathroom (Seriously) but I’m glad we’ve had to watch our backs more than we’re used to on this trip, before we move back stateside.