Day 403: Ecuador World Cup Qualifier

My fellow Americans, most of you are missing out on World Cup madness. The rest of the world has got it going on. Why aren’t we getting in on all of this action? It’s not even time for the World Cup, but check out this Ecuadorian goodness below. If you’re American, can you even imagine getting all worked up over a World Cup Qualifier for our national team? No, I didn’t think so. I’ve had to explain this to my Czech students when I lived in Prague during the 2006 World Cup (held in Germany). I’ve had to explain this to my Korean students when we lived in Seoul during the most recent 2010 World Cup (held in South Africa). And today, I would have explained it to Luis here in Ecuador, had he took a breath from reading grammar lessons to me all morning long. However, later in the afternoon as me, Andrew, Tom (all Americans) sat with a few others to watch the game, we joked around about our country’s lack of enthusiasm for the sport, and tournament the rest of the world loves. At least I’ve been exposed to what it’s like outside of America. Now if only I can figure out where to watch the games in 2014.