Day 395: La Rinconada, La Entrada + Montañita

As much as I love Olón, we decided to spend the day checking out neighboring towns to the north and south along the coast. We stood out on the main road, flagged a passing bus down, hopped on and headed to La Rinconada first, then La Entrada, and then passed back through Olón to have dinner in Montañita.

First stop: La Rinconada. Our guesthouse provided a lovely little write-up about what to do around Olón. It mentioned a lovely restaurant with a view in La Rinconada. It didn’t mention that to get to the lovely view you had to walk a couple kilometers from the main “highway” to the coast. It also didn’t mention that the restaurant might be closed, as it was when we visited.

Second stop: La Entrada. The bakery in this little town more than made up for the misadventure in La Rinconada. We quickly discovered the bakery’s specialty was cheesecake. Different flavored cheesecakes. We got one slice of strawberry and one slice of oreo. I’m pretty sure if there was a competition with The Cheesecake Factory, well, it would be a pretty tough call.

Third stop: Montañita. It was like we entered a completely different country. There were people everywhere. Food and souvenir stalls lined the streets. And it was clear that the longer we were there, the more the town was gearing up for an active nightlife. A much more active nightlife than the one in Olón. We had a drink, had dinner, and then headed home to the very quiet streets of Olón.

(where we slept) 

(where we slept)